Quaqua armata (Caralluma armata) - (N.E. Br) P.V. Bruyns

qua_qua_almata.JPG (87827 bytes)

Locality:  Plant photographed near Kleinzee, Namaqualand - NC.

Distribution: From Namaqualand to Namibia.

Description:   The greyish-green five to six angled stems have sharply pointed teeth.    Stems are glabrous and robust.

Flower:  The companulate flowers are borne in clusters between the teeth on the stem angles.   Corolla lobes are long and thin, dark purple in colour - the colour changes to a greenish-yellow colour with purple markings further down the lobe.

Photographer:  A.J. Van Wyk

Grower:  Mother Nature

Cultivation:  Plant does not root to well from cuttings.  I grow mine under a little shade, although it is usually in full sun in nature.

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