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Huernia kirkii - N.E. Br (aka Huernia bicompanulata Verd.)


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Huernia kennedyana Flower Close UpDestribution:  Huernia kirkii is found from Moçambique, Sul do Save, along the Zimbabwe/Moçambique border from Nuanetsi to the Lundi Rivers.  Northern Province of South Africa.

Description:  Stems are short,  decumbent or semi-erect.  Strongly toothed and 4-5 angled.  Between 2.5 cm and 5 cm in height, 1.5 cm in diameter.  Stems are green with mauve and grey markings.

Flower:  Flowers are between 3-5cm in diameter, bi-companulate with small intermediate corolla lobes.  Corolla lobes taper to fine points.  Corona papillose, cream coloured with mauve markings.

Cultivation:  Grow protected from direct light, grows well under shade cloth or in bright light (nice markings on the stem).  Regular feeding, moderate water.


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