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Huernia vierekeri - (Stent) - v. angolensis - 


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Huernia viereckii v. angolensisDistribution:  Huilia district in Angola.

Description:  The decumbent stems do not have the strongly toothed angles that is apparent in the typical variety.   Stems are 5 - 7 angled, 10cm long with soft narrow teeth a few mm long.

Flower:  The annulus is not visible on the flower, corolla tube is (9mm in diameter) is bright red inside.  Corolla lobes are yellow and taper to pointed tip.

Cultivation:  Shade, little water (prone to rot, esp in autumn & winter), frost protection required. min temp 10 C.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

Photographer:  Prof van Zanten


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