staps.jpg (22211 bytes) Stapelia is a genus in the Asclepiadaceae family.  There are approximately 100 species in the genus.  Stapelias have the common name of starfish flowers or carrion plants.  They were given these names because of their star-shape and the flowers revolting odour.  The angular stems are green to brown in colour and bear vestigial leaves along the ribs for a short while.  Flowers appear in summer and are yellow to maroon in colour.

The genus Stapelia was set up in 1737 by Linnaeus who derived the name from Johannes van Stapel, a 17th century physician and botanist.


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Stapelia arenosa

Stapelia asterias

Stapelia asterias

Stapelia barklyi

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Stapelia erectiflora var erectiflora

Stapelia gariepensis

Stapelia grandiflora

Stapelia kwebensis

Stapelia_scitula.jpg (58732 bytes)


Stapelia Scitula

Brachystelma Caralluma Ceropegia Edithcolea Hoodia Huernia Orbea Quaqua



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