Stapelia pulvinata Masson x Orbea namaquensis N.E. Br. (aka Stapelia barklyi)

stapelia_barklyi_riethuis.JPG (35202 bytes)

Distribution:  Widespread in the Namaqualand area.  This specimen is from Riethuis.
Description:  The conical green stems are pubescent with stout tubercle teeth and rudimentary leaves are near the apex.   The plant in general resembles Orbea more but individual Stapelia features are present.
Flower:  The corolla has a ciliate and prominent annulus.  The corona more closely resembles Stapelia than Orbea.

Photographer:  H.C. Kennedy

Cultivation:  Shade/sun, little to moderate water.
Point of interest:  Stapelia barklyi is actually a natural hybrid between Stapelia pulvinata and Orbea namaquensis.   The distinguishing features that classify this former Stapelia a hybrid is the stout Orbea-like annulus and the Stapelia features of the flower.  Orbea namaquensis and Stapelia pulvinata occur in the area where this plant was first collected (Okiep in Namaqualand) thereby justifying its hybrid status.

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