Stapelia scitula - L.C. Leach

Distribution:  This species is restricted to a small area near Langvlei in the Robertson District.

Description:  The plants form small neat clumps, stems branch at the base,the erect and slender stems are 75mm in height and 5mm thick, stems are densely and shortly pubescent, four angled (rounded) more or less flat-sided when young becoming sub-cylindric with age, stems are green when young becoming purplish as they mature,  tubercles slightly prominent, growth often extends from the apex of old growth.  Leaves are deciduous, pubescent and ovate-acute in shape (1 - 1.5mm in length), stipular glands usually cream in colour.

Flower:  Flower borne on an inflorescence that is a fully developed cyme.   The pedicel is 9-15mm in length and it is densely pubescent.  Corolla is highly pubescent and the lower parts of the corolla lobes are rugose, corolla margins are ciliate, the flower is magenta to maroon in colour, corolla lobes are ovate-acuminate.  Corona shortly raised on a five-ribbed pederstal, outer corona lobes pale brown , inner lobes are erect, blackish purple.

Photographer:  Max H. Michael

Cultivation:  Shade/sun, little to moderate water.

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