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Cheiridopsis glomerata S.A. Hammer


Distribution:  Found in northern Namaqualand in the succulent Karoo, Northern Cape, RSA.

Description:  Compact dwarf plants with grey-green leaves pairs that are fused at the base.  Leaves smooth with a waxy coating.  The leaves are closely adpressed, forming a round body elsewhere.  Upper leaf surface is flat while the lower leaf surface is keeled.

Flower:  Magenta flowers are up to 4cm in diameter, the many petals never open fully but hide the stamens.  C. glomerata and C. purpurea have this in common with the genus Namaquanthis.

Flowering Time: Beautiful magenta flowers are borne in spring, August to September in the southern hemisphere.

Cultivation:  Plants do well in a greenhouse environment, a bright spot will suit this species, autumn and winter watering regime should be followed while withholding water in the hot summer months, sandy well drained mineral rich soil suits this specie.

Point of Interest:  The species name "glomerata" means collected into heads.

Photographer: Max H. Michael


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