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Cheirodopsis robusta (Haw.) N.E. Br.


cheirodopsis_pillansii.JPG (18488 bytes)Locality:  This specimen was photographed at Vyepoort Valley, Richtersveld.

Distribution:  Found in the northern parts of Namaqualand in the Succulent Karoo on quartz flats, hills and stony ground.

Description:  Plants are cluster forming.  The leaves are up to 55 mm in length and 17 mm wide,tapering,  lower surface keeled, upper surface flat, grey-green in colour.

Flowers:  Buds appear from winter to spring.  Flowers diurnal, 60 mm in diameter, flower colour yellow.

Point of Interest:  the plants name robusta pertains to its growth, robust.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander


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