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Subfenestrata Group

WETTSTEINIA (Schwantes) Tischer ex S.A. Hammer
this group is named for the obconical shape of most of its members.

  • Sandveld
  • Namaqualand
  • Richtersveld
  • Sperrgebied (mining area)


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Species in WETTSTEINIA group: (Type: Conophytum wettsteinii (Berger) N.E.Br.)

  • Conophytum bachelorum
  • Conophytum bolusiae ssp bolusiae
  • Conophytum bolusiae ssp primavernum
  • Conophytum ernestii ssp ernstii
  • Conophytum ernstii ssp cerebellum
  • Conophytum flavum ssp flavum
  • Conophytum flavum ssp novicum
  • Conophytum fraternum
  • Conophytum globosum
  • Conophytum gratum ssp gratum
  • Conophytum gratum ssp marlothii
  • Conophytum minutum var minutum
  • Conophytum minutum var nudum
  • Conophytum minutum var pearsonii
  • Conophytum obscurum ssp obscurum


  • Conophytum obscurum ssp vitreopapillum
  • Conophytum ricardianum ssp ricardianum
  • Conophytum ricardianum ssp rubriforum
  • Conophytum schlecteri
  • Conophytum taylorianum ssp taylorianum
  • Conophytum taylorianum ssp ernianum
  • Conophytum taylorianum ssp rosynense
  • Conophytum wettsteinii ssp wettsteinii
  • Conophytum wettsteinii ssp fragile
  • Conophytum wettsteinii ssp francoisae
  • Conophytum wettsteinii ssp ruschii


The WETTSTEINIA group and CONOPHYTUM group are the most typically cone shaped plants in the genus, these two groups share obconical cotyledons and completely fused leaf pairs.   The plants differ substantially in flowering time and flower structure.   WETTSTEINIA is also connected to the Biloba and Minuscula groups.   Conophytum ectypum and conophytum obscurum seem to be somewhere between the groups.


Description of plants in the WETTSTEINIA group:

The dwarf plants appear stemless when young but they may be stemmed with age.  The freely dividing bodies are obconical with truncate, concave or convex apices.  The epidermis not bullate, roughened or pustulate, rarely papillate, usually lacking lines, epidermis usually dull, glaucos to pale-green or brownish green in colour, usually spotted.  The leaves are wholly fused and a subtle central ridge may be apparent, the plants are rarely keeled.  Plant not centrally windowed.  The fissure is faintly papillate.  The sheaths are papery and firm, sometimes friable, sheaths may be spotted or unspotted.

Description of flowers and capsules in the WETTSTEINIA group:

The scentless early diurnal flowers usually have a long tube.  The petals may be purple, pink, white or rarely yellow or gold.  The style is usually long while the stigmas are short.  The capsules are small, flat and slightly aromatic.  Cotyledons are obconical and truncate, species in this group have a short juvenile phase.

Reference:  S.A. Hammer, "The Genus Conophytum A Conograph", Succulent Plant Publications 1993.


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