Dinteranthus pole-evansii (N.E. Br) Schwantes

Dinteranthus_vanzylii.JPG (28097 bytes) Distribution:  Northern parts of Northern Cape, northwest of Pofadder.
Description:  This dinteranthus is solitary or clumping, the leaves are almost fully united.  The leaf tips are flat with irregular markings similiar to that of a lithop.
Flower:  The flowers (30 - 40 mm) in diameter are yellow and bractless.  The seed pod is 8 - 10 locular.
Propagation:  Seeds and offsets.   Seeds require high temperature to germiate.
Cultivation:  Plants enjoy strong light, will not tolerate overwatering and require a summer rest. Min temp 5 C.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander of Selecta Succulents - Plant/Seed Source


Mesembs Dinteranthus