Fenestria rhophalophylla subsp. rhopalophylla N.E. Br (Schltr & Diels)

Fenestria_rhophalopylla.JPG (30949 bytes) Distribution:  The subsp. rhophalophylla is distributed in the northern  parts of the genus distribution area (Luderitz - southwards to Namaqualand, along the coast.)
Description:  Stemless dwarf mat-forming plants with succulent club-shaped leaves that are flat on the upper surface, windows are present in the leaves.  Plant is usually beneath the soil with just the upper sufaces showing.
Flower:  Flowers appear from mid-winter to early spring.  Medium (18mm - 30mm in diameter) sized flowers are white in colour.
Cultivation:  Plants prefer very sandy soils.  Easily cultivated from seeds or cuttings.  Water plants less than average in spring and autumn, no water in summer (I give mine a light watering every month), little water in winter.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander of Selecta Succulents - Plant/Seed Source


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