Hameria salteri (L. Bolus) P.M. Burgoyne

Hamerria_salteri_Karoopoort.JPG (32815 bytes) Locality:   Karoopoort
Distribution:  Tanqua Karoo and parts of the Little Karoo in the Northern and Western Cape.
Description:  Dwarf creeping shrublet with greyish-green half-moon shaped basal leaves with translucent dots, these leaves become membranous that form sheaths around the new leaf pair, leaves have a flaking waxy layer, margins are toothed near the tips.
Flowers:  Dark pink flowers (20mm in diameter) are borne on 30mm long pedicels.
Cultivation:  Cuttings root easily, full sun, regular waterings excl. in summer which is its dormancy season.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander of Selecta Succulents - Plant/Seed Source


Mesembs Hammeria