Lithops hookeri var lutea (de Boer) D.T. Cole

lithops_hookeri_var_lutea.JPG (33227 bytes) Distribution:  The plants occur in a small area to the North and East of Groblershoop on the Orange River.  The plants grow amongst sheared micaceous quartzite that is brown, pink, or grey-white in colour.
Flower:   The  flowers are yellow and can be up to 35 mm in diameter, the average size is between 25-30 mm in diameter.  Seed pods are 6-7 locular, boat shaped in appearance, flat top and slightly convex, face round and elliptic 9 x 7 mm, seeds yellow to brown smooth to rugose.

Description: Plant truncate in profile, surface flat to slightly convex, 3-6mm fissure, lobes conjunct.   The face (viewed from above) is elliptic to kidney-shaped.  The lobes are not identical, opaque and distinctly rugose.  Margins not distinct, forked grooves which surround the opaque areas (4x5 mm in size) on the face, windows absent.  Rubrications dark red.  The face can be various shades of opaque grey to beige tinged with pink, brown, yellow or orange.  Channels various shades of opaque or translucent orange-brown, orange-red, brown, red-brown or greenish brown.  Plants may have up to six heads that are up to 34x25 mm in size.

Cultivation:  Water adult plants from summer to autumn, young plants require more water.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander of Selecta Succulents - Plant/Seed Source

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