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Aloe andongensis

Asphodelaceae - CITES App. II

Distribution: Pungo Andongo in the Cuanzo Norte district of Angola.

Description:  Small to medium species which is always neat in appearance.  A. andongensis has several erect or oblique leafy stems (300 - 600 mm). The leaves (250 mm) vary from unspotted to heavily spotted, the spots are more numerous under the leaf.  The leaf margin has 2 mm brownish or light green teeth.

Flower:  The 400 mm inflorescence is 2 to 3 branched.  The racemes are orange scarlet and are attractively subcapitate with the buds spreading horizontally.

Propagation:  Seeds and pups

Cultivation:  Light shade, allow ground to dry between waterings, will withstand light frost.

aloe andongensis information and image

Photographer: Phillipe Faucon  of  Phoenix Tropical Gardens

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