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Aloe burgerfortensis Reynolds
Liliaceae - CITES App. II

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Distribution:  Eastern Traansvaal, Found in low-lying, hot, dry areas in sandy soils.  Occurs from lydenburg district to Burgersfort and the Steelpoort River valley.  Rainfall is 420 mm - 625 mm per annum.

Description:  This species (1.5 m in height) is solitary or forms small clusters.  The leaves (300 mm) vary, upper surface is usually green to brownish-green with scattered white spots, the underside of the leaf is greyish-green, unspotted and slightly lineate.  Apex is twisted and dry.  The leaf margin has sharp brown teeth.  Leaf sap is clear.

Flower:  Inflorescence is branched with 12 or more laxly-flowered red racemes. The flowering time is in June - July.

Common names:  Bakone name is "Tookgo".

Cultivation:  Full sun to light shade,  frost protection required, drought resistant.  min temp -1C - 4C (USDA 9 - 10).

Propagation:  Seeds and pups.

Photographer:  Phillipe Faucon of Phoenix Tropical Gardens