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Aloe striata L.f. ssp karasbergensis (Pillans) Glen & DS Hardy
Liliacaea - CITES App. II

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Distribution:  South and Eastern Cape,  From the Hex River Pass in the west eastwards to Oudthoorn and Willowmore to Port Elizabeth and northwards to Graaf-Reinet and the Kei River.  Aloe striata can be found on rocky slopes, stony places and hillsides.

Description:  Procumbent stems which branches to form rosettes.  Leaves are flat and broad.  Leaf colour and shape vary from area to area.  Margins are reddish without teeth.  Plant is 1 m tall.

Flowers:  Pinkish-red to bright-red.  Flowering period is July to Sepetember.

Photographer:  Etwin Aslander of Selecta Succulents   Plant/Seed Source

Common name: Vaalblaaraalwyn