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The Crassulaceae family contains many variable plant species from shrubby Crassulas such as Jade Plants (Crassula argenteum) and the small ornamental plants such as Crassula alstonii. The Crassulaceae family comprises of 25 genera that have a total of approximately 900 species.

Plants that have the following characteristics are placed into one of the genera in the Crassulacea family;

  • Flowers are actinomorphic and have a calyx and corolla comprising of 4-6 or more segments that are connate or free.
  • Number of stamens is equal and may more frequently be twice the amount of corolla segments.
  • Gynoecium is apocarpous with the number of Pistils equaling the number of corolla segments. Pistils are simple, consisting of a single carpel with a single locule in a superior ovary that bears many marginal ovules.
  • Fruit is usually a follicle, a scale-like nectar-secreting appendage is usually present at the base of each pistil

Genera in the Crassulaceae Family

Sempervivum - Common Houseleek, Old Man and Woman, Hen and Chicks and Houseleek
Sempervivum Genera in crassulaceae Family The Sempervivum genus contains apprimately 50 species that can be found in Central and Southern Europe and Mediterranean Islands. Sempervivum species like mountainous terrain and can be usually found on alpines between 3000-8000 feet in altitude.


Sempervivum ciliosum

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