Euphorbia mauritanica

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Distribution:  Found in Namaqualand and the dry parts of the Cape, Natal and Namibia.
Description:  A many branched shrub that grows to approximately 1 meter in height.  The green branches are spineless and cylindrical in shape.  Small entire, lanceolate leaves (1.3 cm long) appear only on young growing stems.  A white milky sap appears when the plant is injured.
Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

Flower:  Small yellow flowers appear in groups near the branch ends.

Common Names:  Gifmelkbos roughly translated to english means "Poison Milk Bush", also known as the Pencil Milkbush.
Cultivation:  This euphorbia is quite tough, it likes average water (mine gets watered when it rains, annual average rainfall for Kleinzee is 105mm) in winter and none or some in Summer.
Point of Interest:  The plant is poisonous, but Steenbuck and Klipspringers are known to eat it.

Photographer&Grower: Max H. Michael

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