Euphorbia tuberculata

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Distribution:  Western Cape and Northern Cape, Malmesbury north to Namaqualand.
Description:  The main stem is largely buried, a rosette of decumbent or erect stems (40 mm thick and up to 750 mm in height) appear from the main stem.  Stems are tuberculed and green.
Flower:  The flower appears on a peduncle, the peduncle hardens and persists.  The glands are light-green and end in cream coloured processes.
Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.
Cultivation:  The following cultivation tips are for Kleinzee, NCape, ZA.   Under UV deck (UV protected clear greenhouse plastic) and full sun, Little water in autumn - spring.  Very little or no water
in summer.

Photographer: A.J. Van Wyk

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