Babiana curviscapa - G. J. Lewis (in habitat)

babiana_curviscapa.JPG (49575 bytes)

Distribution: Found in flat sandy places from Steinkopf to Garies in the Northern Cape, ZA.

Description: A perennial herb that grows up to 22 cm tall with a corm (the corm is edible).  There are usually 5-7 ribbed lanceolate leaves (20 cm long by 1,5 cm wide), these bent over leaves have cilia on them.

Flower: The magenta to purple flowers are 5 cm long and held erect on a spike.  The lower lateral lobes have white markings.

Common names:  Perde-uintjie (Afrikaans), English translation, "horse onion".

Point of Interest:  There are 63 spp of babiana in SA of which 29 occur in Namaqualand.

Photographer:  A.J. Van Wyk

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