Trachyandra falcata - (L.f.) Kunth. (in habitat)

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Distribution: Found  in Namibia, throughout Namaqualand and southwards to Saldahna Bay in the Western Cape province of ZA in sandy soils.

Description: A perennial herb that can reach a height of 60 cm.   There are 4 to 5 basal entire linear leaves, they are 30 cm long, 3 to 5 cm broad, leathery, curved and may be covered with fine hairs.

Flower: The white to pale mauve flowers (1.2 cm in length and marked with a brown stripe) are borne on a branched inflorescence.   The lower conspicuous bract forms a collar.  Only a few flowers open a day between July and October.

Point of Interest:  The very young unopened flowers can be used in stews.

Common names:  Hotnotskool (Afrikaans) - English translation "Hotnots Cabbage", Bokkool (Afrikaans) - English translation "Buck cabbage", Veldkool (Afrikaans) - English translation "Field cabbage".

Photographer:  A.J. Van Wyk

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