Fockea Edulis (Thunb.) K. Schum

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Distribution:  Namibia, North & Western Cape, according to Lambs book.

Description:  The thin branches, which may reach a length of 80cm or more, originate from a thick grey caudex (30 cm in diameter) which has small tubercules on it.  The green leaves are entire and oblong.

Flower: Whitish flowers appear in late summer.
Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

Cultivation:  The following cultivation tips are for Kleinzee, NCape, ZA.   Under UV deck (UV protected clear greenhouse plastic), regular water, little in winter, grows well in most soils but I still use a well drained soil.

Common names: 

Photographer:  Detlef  Schnabel of SA Seeds -  German Seed Source

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