Pachypodium namaquanum   Welw.  CITES App. 1

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Locality:  Umdaus, Richtersveld - Northern Cape ZA.
Distribution:  Found in desolate areas (between 300 - 900 m in altitude) in the north-western parts of the Northern Cape and southern Namibia. 
Description:  This slow growing species may reach a height of 2.5 - 4 meters when mature.  The stems are covered with thorns.   The thorns that cover the upper half of the stem are long, brown and downward pointing while those near the base of the trunk are short.  The top part of the trunk (apex) points to the north, it is usually covered with a rosette of crinkly green leaves which fall off in summer.
Flower: The tubular flowers (4 cm long) appear in the center of the leaves in spring  (August to October).  The tubular flowers have 5 short lobes, the flower is lightish-green with crimson near the tip.  The flowers are velvety in texture.  The seed pods look similiar to the seed "horns" of asclepiads.
Propagation:  Seeds.
Cultivation:  The following cultivation tips are for Kleinzee, NCape, ZA.   Under UV deck (UV protected clear greenhouse plastic), Little  water.
Common names:  Halfmens, Half a man.

Folklore:   There are legends amongst the Namas (Khoisan) people, who compare the half a man with spirits of men.  The halfmens looks as if it is in conversation and nodding its head.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander of Selecta Succulents - Plant/Seed Source

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