Pachypodium saundersii N.E. Br  CITES App. II

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Distribution:  From northern Natal along the Lebombo range into northern and eastern Transvaal, southern Moçambique and Zimbabwe.

Description:  Pachypodium saundersii is a succulent shrub that can reach 1.5 meters in height.  The stem is tuberous and exposed, the stem can reach a diameter of 1 meter, the stem is usually wider than it is high.  The tuberous stem has several narrow, thorny branches.  The crinkly green leaves are sessile and are 80 mm long by 12 - 40 mm broad, leaves are deciduous.

Flower:  Attractive assymetrical petals,   the flowers are white and tinged with purplish-pink, the flowers are wax-like in texture.  The seed pods look similiar to the seed "horns" of asclepiads.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.
Cultivation:  Grow in a well drained medium in full sunlight.  Keep dry in winter.
Common names:  Lundi Star.

Point of interest:   Some authors consider P.saundersii to be a variety of P. lealii.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander of Selecta Succulents - Plant/Seed Source

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