The following section contains plants that have a "bloated" look.  Plants that fall into this category cover a wide range of genus', ranging from the Botterboom (Tylecodon paniculatus) of the crassulaceae family to the Halfmens (Pachypodium namaquanum) of the Apocynaceae family.  My nickname for these plants are swollen stems but they are also known as pachycauls and caudiciforms.
The obvious adaptation for long periods of dryness in these plants are the swollen stems.   These stems store a great deal of water for long dry seasons, the leaves are usually succulent but caducous.

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Title:    Caudiciform and Pachycaul Succulents : Pachycauls, Bottle-,Barrel-And Elephant-Trees and Their Kin a Collector's Miscellany by  Gordon Rowley

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Synopsis:  A unique of a kind!!!!!!
I came accross this book completely by chance a few years ago, through an exotic plant dealer and was instantly smitten by the treasures hidden within. It is the ONLY book I have found dedicated to the unique group of plants that are the Caudaciformes and Pachycaul Succulents. It's informative and entertaining with exceptional photographs. Every time I open it I find something new. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!

A work of art
The caudiciforms - a most fascinating and photogenic group of plants are sometimes beautiful, sometimes comical-looking, but always interesting. This guide, a superbly crafted masterpiece written by expert Gordon Rowley, could serve as either a coffee table treasure trove of expertly crafted photos or a valuable reference, with text and pictures providing a wealth of information to even the most serious student of botany. This book, written by a true expert, should certainly be held as a prized possession of both the casual nature aficionado and the specialist alike.

Hardcover (June 1987)  Strawberry Pr; ISBN: 0912647035