Hoodia Gordonii (in habitat) (Masson) Sweet ex Decne

hoodia_gordonii_red.JPG (27825 bytes)

Locality:   Ceres Karoo
Distribution:  Namibia and Northern Cape of ZA.  Winter rainfall area.
Description:  Hoodia gordonii is 45 cm tall with regular brown-spined stem angles.  The stems are a greyish-brown colour with the new growth being a light green.
Flower:  The flowers (70 - 100 mm in diameter) are pale purple with small dark papillae in the centre.  Red flowering form shown here.
Cultivation:  Full sun or light shade, little water.
Common names:  Queen of the Namib, African Hats.
Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.
Grower:  Mother Nature

Photographer:  H.C. Kennedy

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