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Hoodia Genus

Hoodia is a genus in the Asclepiadaceae family.  There are approximately 20 species in the genus.  The unusual flowers are flat and saucer-like in shape and red, purple to brown or mottled dark yellow in colour.  Flowers form prolifically near the stem tips in summer.  The short stems are many angled with white spikes appearing at short intervals on each angle.  Stems are single or branch forming, they occur in variable shades of green.  Plants are found in a large part of Southern Africa.


Hoodiaflava.jpg (28322 bytes)
hoodia_gordonii_at_springbok.JPG (69415 bytes)
hoodia_gordonii_ceres_karoo.jpg (64921 bytes) hoodia_gordonii_red.JPG (27825 bytes)
Hoodia flava Hoodia gordonii Hoodia gordonii Hoodia gordonii
hoodia_ruschii_namibia.JPG (25628 bytes) hoodia_spp_in_fl_Richtersveld.jpg.jpg (68283 bytes) hoodiasp.jpg (25401 bytes)
Hoodia ruschii Hoodia spp Hoodia spp


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