Tridentea gemmiflora Masson 
Stapelia gemmiflora N.E.Br


tridentea_gemminiflora_barrydale.JPG (32879 bytes)

Destribution:  Found from Swellendam to Aliwal North in the Cape and into the Orange Free State.  Locality of this plant is Barrydale.

Description:  The greyish, glabrous stems are 70-100 mm in height.

Flower:  The blackish-purple flowers (60-80 mm in diameter) have a musky odour.  Corolla is wrinkled on the upper surface and may be mottled with lighter purple, yellow flecks may be present.   Corolla glabrous.  Corolla lobes are ciliate with vibratile white or purple hairs.  Outer corona lobes are three toothed.  This species blooms profusely.

Cultivation:  Shade or full sun, little water.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

Point of interest:  The name Tridentea is derived from the outer corona lobes which are three toothed.  

Photographer:  Prof van Zanten

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