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Tridentea was reinstated in July 1978 by Leach.  The genus was first described by Howarth in 1812 but Leach's definition is quite different to Howarths.

The species in this genus comprises plants from the four sections in the genus Stapelia (White & Sloane), the Tridentea section being one, two sections from the genus Caralluma and Stapelianthus baylissii is included as well.

The identifying characteristics of the genus Tridentea are; Stem is obtusely or obscurely angled an glabrous.  Inflorescence:  Peduncle, pedicel, calyx and corolla exterior glabrous, corolla rugose, glabrose or asperulous inside, often

ciliate with vibratile hairs, never hairy as in Stapelia.  Leaves:  widely spreading, awl-shaped, estipulate, relatively large or absent.  The name Tridentea is derived from the outer corona lobes which are three toothed. 

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Tridentea choanantha

Tridentea choanantha

Tridentea dwequensis

Tridentea gemminiflora

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Tridentea longipes

Tridentea ruschiorum

Tridentea longii

Tridentea umdausensis

Brachystelma Caralluma Ceropegia Edithcolea Hoodia Huernia Orbea Quaqua Stapelia


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