Tridentea ruschiana Dint (Stapelia ruschiana)

tridentea_ruschiorum_diamond_area.JPG (28206 bytes)

Destribution:  Klinghart Mountains, Namibia.
Description:  The stems are rounded and light green in colour.
Flower:  Flowers are broadly companulate, rugose (35 mm in diameter) and are borne on 50 mm long pedicels.  The flower tube is dark red and papillate which is followed by an area of white and red (grey in this plant) to just above the base of the corolla lobe, corolla lobes are reddish brown or greyish brown.
Cultivation:  Shade or full sun, little water.
Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

Point of interest:  The name Tridentea is derived from the outer corona lobes which are three toothed.  

Photographer:  Prof van Zanten

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