Caralluma Caralluma is a genus in the Asclepiadaceae family.  There are approximately 100 variable species in the genus.  The star-shaped flowers are black, purple, yellow or red in colour and may appear in summer or autumn.  Stems are angular with rudimentary leaves, these leaves tend to resemble spines.  The plant is clump forming and are found in Africa and India.

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Caralluma adenensis

Caralluma bathana var shadbana

Caralluma cicatrosa

Caralluma cicatrosa

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Caralluma indica

Caralluma indica

Caralluma kochii

Caralluma speciosa

caralluma_speciosa2.JPG (36475 bytes)

caralluma_trunco_coronata.JPG (35131 bytes)

Caralluma speciosa

Caralluma trunco-coronata

Brachystelma Caralluma Ceropegia Edithcolea Hoodia Huernia Orbea QuaQua Stapelia Tridentea

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