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Son of Sap


One of the most common pests to occur in succulent, amateur and enthusiast alike, collections.  These pests can do severe damage to your plants if they are left unchecked.


Various insects belonging to the order Homoptera especially of the family Pseudococcidae, characterized by sucking mouthparts.

The bugs are soft-bodied, up to 4mm in length and covered in a white fluffy cotton-wool like substance.  Mealybugs usually occur on the stem,   just below the soil level and in the rosettes of plants.  Mealybugs feed off of the sap of the plants by punching holes into the plant with their mandibles.  Plants often die from rot after an infestation, either keep the plant dry for a few days or treat it with a fungicide (see Rot). 


Environmentally freindly:

  • Wash the bugs off with a strong jet of water.  Use a 50/50 solution of water and methylated spirits to wipe away the infestation using a cotton bud.  Spray plant with a strong jet of water to remove any remaining bugs.


  •  Tokuthion - 5ml/10l water

  • Chlorpirifos - 100ml/10l

  • Confidor - 10ml/10l

  • Malathion - 25ml/10l