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Safety tips regarding the use of chemical fungicides and pesticides:

  1. Read the instructions carefully, if there is something you don't understand get into contact with someone who is experienced in the use of fungicides or pesticides.  These poisons are dangerous and can be life-threatening if used incorrectly.

  2. Wear gloves when measuring, mixing and pouring the poison.  Do this in a well ventilated are where the fumes or dust will drift away from you.

  3. The best time to spray is in the early morning or late evening.  Never spray in a strong wind and stay away from the spray drift.

  4. Wear protective clothing, e.g. gloves and facemask, when using toxic pesticides, eg. Malathion.  It is a good idea to use protective clothing when applying any pesticides and fungicides.

  5. Wash your hands well after spraying plants.

  6. Do not eat, smoke or drink while you are applying the poisons.  If you do have a break wash your hands and face thoroughly before you eat, smoke or drink something.

  7. Shower and change clothes after applying the poisons.

  8. Store chemicals in a clearly market area that is away from foodstuffs, children and animals.  Make sure the area conforms to the current safety regulations, it is a good idea to keep them under lock and key.  Keep the allocated storage area well ventilated.