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Red Spider Mite
Small Spinners



Red Spider Mites (Tetranychidae family) are about the size of a pinhead, plants take on a bronze sheen when they attack.  As can be seen in this image of an infected tomato plant the mites may live in a web, one method of spotting the mites is to look for webs on your plants.  The mites like to congregate under leaves especially on plants covered in fine hairs.   These pests like hot dry conditions.



Enviromentally freindly:

  • Soak twenty cigarette stubs in one litre of water for a week.  Add 2.5ml liquid soap, which acts as a spreader/sticker, to the cigarette water.  Use force of spray to remove mites.


  • Diazinon - 16ml/10l water

  • Malathion - 25ml/10l water

  • Oleum - 200ml/10l water