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Root Mealy Bug
Silent and Deadly



Small soft bodied insects covered in a wooly substance.  They attack the plants roots and underground stems.  These pests are usually detected when Root Mealy Bug/Woolly Aphidthe plant collapses from a secondary disease, rot, caused from the pests biting into the roots.  

It is a good idea to check your plants (especially asclepiads) every few months and to dip them with a pesticide at the same time.


Environmentally freindly:

  • Wash affected area in a solution of warm water and mild soap, remove remaining pests with a strong jet of water (be careful not to damage the roots).  Allow plant to dry thoroughly, especially roots, to prevent rot from puncture marks created by the pests.  Remember to wash the infected plants pot before re-using it.


  • Confidor - 10ml/10l

  • Chlorpyrifos - 10ml/10l

  • Metasystox - 10ml/10l

  • Malathion - 25ml/10l

  • Place mothballs in the soil