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Aloe bainesii

Asphodelaceae (see Aloe barberae)

Distribution:  Eastern Cape, Natal, Transvaal, Swaziland, Moçambique.  Found in heavily wooded east-facing kloofs and dense bush.   Found from Grahamstown and East London to Moçambique.  Aloe bainesii is found in a Summer rainfall area (750 mm - 1550mm).

Description:   Aloe bainesii can grow up to 18 m tall, it is South Africas largest tree aloe.  Adult aloes have a stout trunk with branches that are dichotomous.  The branches bear rosettes of deeply channeled, recurved dark green leaves which are sheathed at the base.  The leaf margins are cartilaginous with small teeth.

Flower:  Inflorescence is 3 branched, the racemes are rose-pink in the South and apricot-orange in the north.  Flowers in May and June.

Cultivation:  Full sun or light shade, strong frost protection required, drought resistant, neutral soil, min temp 4 C (USDA 10 - 11).

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

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Photographer:  Detlef  Schnabel of SA Seeds -  German Seed Source.

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