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Aloe Plicatilis

(L.) Mill.
Liliacaea - CITES App. II

Destribution:  South-Western Cape, Aloe plicatilis can be found growing on rocky-slopes in moutains of the sw Cape.   From Franshoek to Elandskloof (well known on the Du Toits Kloof Pass).  Occurs in a winter rainfall region (600mm - 1200mm per annum). South African national tree number is 29.6.

Description:  Aloe plicatilis grows up to 5 m tall with dichotomous branches and grey stems which end in fans of distichous leaves. The clusters of leaves resemble a fan hence the name. The gey-green leaves are rounded at the apices which are often tinted pink, leaves are 400mm in length and 40mm in width.  The leaf-margin is cartilaginous with fine teeth.  The leaf sap is clear but crystalize to form a pale yellow solid.

Flower:  Simple inflorescence (500 mm) with a cylindric raceme of scarlet flowers.  There is up to thirty tubular lowers that are scarlet in colour and 50mm in length. Aloe plicatilis flowers from August to October.

Common names:  Fan aloe, Bergaalwyn, Franshoekaalwyn, Tongaalwyn.

Point of interest: The name "plicatilis" means "fan-like" or "pleated".

Cultivation:  Aloe plicatilis is relatively easy to grow in cultivation but careful attention must be given to summer waterings.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

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Image Photographed by : Detlef  Schnabel of SA Seeds -  German Seed Source

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