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H. arachnoidea

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Botanical Terms

Haworthia arachnoidea (L.) C.-J. Duval (aka H. gigas {Poelln.}, H. setata {Haw.})

  haworthia_arachnoides.jpg (11370 bytes)Distribution:   This variable specie is widely distributed from the west to the eastern Cape.

Description:  Stemless rosettes are 6cm in diameter, the leaves are 15mm long and they have white marginal hairs.  Typical plants (plants that occur in the Richterveldt and southwards to the little Karoo) are bristly with uniform green lanceolate leaves.  Plants from the Ladismith area are thickly ciliate, so much so that the leaves are hidden and the leaf-tips form a pinnacle of ciliated awns.

Flower:  White flowers with green veins are borne on an inflorescence that is 30cm in height.

Propagation:  Seeds and pups.

Point of interest: This haworthia was first named aloe arachnoidea by Linnaeus in 1753 and then changed in 1809 by Duval to haworthia arachnoidea.

Photographer:  Phillipe Faucon of  Phoenix Tropical Gardens