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The Genus Haworthia


Howorthia, easy succulent geniusHaworthias are small perennial succulents that have been fascinating collectors since the 17 century when they where still regarded as aloes.

The fascinating Haworthia genus belongs to the Lilliaceae family that is almost exclusively restricted to Republic of South Africa (some species can be found in Madagascar). They occur in the wild from the Northern Cape down to The Western Cape and eastwards to the Eastern Cape.

"Once bitten, twice shy" doesn't apply to the variable Haworthia genus, once bitten by the Haworthia bug you will discover that you are not immune to their charm.


although there are only a limited amount of species in this genus, the variability of the leaves seem to make a growers choice limitless.

size = space

easy to grow

There is approximately eighty species in this genus that belongs to the liliaceae family.   These small rosette-shaped succulents are highly variable in shape, which has caused quite a bit of confusion, this has resulted in multiple names for one specie.   The leaf shapes and markings are highly variable but a common feature in most haworthias is the presence of whites spots on the leaves.

The white flowers appear on a long thin inflorescence which appear from spring to autumn.

Haworthias like shady areas with moderate water and regular feedings, the plants tend to go orange-red in hot weather when they are dormant but they regain their green colour when the weather cools and they resume growing.

Haworthias are found in Madagascar and Southern Africa.


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