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H. cymbiformis

Haworthia cymbiformis (Haw.) C.-J. Duval (aka H. lepida {G.G. Sm.}, H. planifolia {Haw.})


haworthia_cymbidiformis.jpg (13523 bytes)Distribution:   Widespread in the eastern Cape, it can be found on rock faces and under bushes in river valleys.

Description:  A stemless rosette that is 10 cm in diameter.  The rosette consists of pale green translucent leaves (3-5cm long) that are marked with dark stripes.

Flower:  White flowers with brownish-green veins are borne on a 20cm tall  inflorescence.

Propagation:  Seeds & pups.

Cultivation:  Light/heavy shade, regular watering, light frost protection required.

Photographer:  Phillipe Faucon of  Phoenix Tropical Gardens