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H. pumilla

Haworthia pumilla (L.) C.-J. Duval, aka Haworthia margaritifera


Haworthia_pumilla_Ribbokkop_Worcester_EA896.JPG (38851 bytes)Locality:  Ribbokkop, Worcester EA 896

Distribution:  Southwestern Karoo,
Worcester to Montagu.

Description:  Haworthia pumilla is clump-forming, 300 mm tall and 200 mm in diameter and a stem may be produced.  The leaves are dark-green to reddish-brown (this usually happens when the plant is kept dry and exposed to full sun).  White tubercles are arranged irregularly in transverse lines on the leaves.

Flowers:  The robust inflorescence is 40 cm tall, it is multi-branched with yellow flowers with green veins.

Point of interest: This is most probably the largest specie in the genus.

Propagation:  Seeds and offsets.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander