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Cultivation of The Genus Crassula
Growing & Sowing

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Growing Crassulas can be rewarding as it is not a difficult genus to grow.  For the sake of my sanity and time I will stick to the ornamental species from Southern Africa and Jade plants.

Jade Plants
Crassula ??? is a typical example of a Jade plant, they are hardy and easy to grow and can be turned into "bonsais" quite easily.  For the best results grow these plants in full sun, otherwise the branches become lanky.  I've successfully grown them in a variety of soil types, just make sure your medium is well drained.

Watering Jade Plants is easily mastered as the plant will tell you when it needs water.  The signs include shriveling of leaves and stems and in extreme cases the branches will break off in segments.  A weekly water should be sufficient during the active growth periods, cut back on watering during the dormant seasons.  A monthly feeding should be sufficient, use a well balanced fertilizer.

A clay or plastic pot will suffice, if you have a rockery put it into the rockery as it makes a nice addition to any feature.

Ornamental Crassulas