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Welcome to The Succulent Plant Site, dedicated to spreading the knowledge of succulent plants.  The site contains information on where succulents are found, the history of their discovery, succulent plant cultivation, the diseases and pests associated with succulents and how to treat them.  The succulents that are featured in there respective galleries have been photographed in the wild or in cultivation.  If you would like me to place a photo of your succulent plant on the site contact me and I'll only be happy to oblige.

Succulents are rewarding in cultivation for both the novice grower and the hard core enthusiast.  Succulents have the reputation of being easy to grow, for instance Cotyledon Orbiculata is known as the "kanniedood" in Afrikaans, when translated to English it means "cannot die".  Some succulent species can be downright difficult to grow, certain Asclepiadaceae species are prone to rot and root mealy bug infestations, these and other factors make them amongst the most difficult to cultivate.

You may find sections on medicinal plants, succulent history and distribution, what succulents are and of course the galleries that are packed with succulent images.

Succulents have an amazing variety of flowers from the intricate stapeliad flowers to the splendour of the mesemb.  Many species require a paintbrush to pollinate the flowers while others require magnifying glasses and patience (personally I enlist the aid of Mother Nature, she does a much better job than what I do).

Please feel free to ask and answer any succulent related questions at the forum, I'm sure my fellow moderators and I will be capable of helping you with your succulent questions.  There is also a section available for you to request seed or plant swaps.

Show us, and the world, your succulent treasure.  You can post your succulent pictures at the Succulent Photo Gallery there are categories for bulbs, crassulas, asclepiads, mesembs and many more succulent species.

The monthly succulent newsletter will feature a succulent plant of the month with the relevant information and cultivation tips.

Please be patient while the Succulent Images load, I chose to add a quality picture, where possible, rather than a quick loading but very compressed succulent image.

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Succulent Book Of The Month

The Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants represents the first comprehensive taxonomic treatment of succulents in thirty years. It covers over 9000 taxa of all succulents except Cactaceae. This volume on the Asclepiadaceae (milkweed family) presents all kinds of succulent plants from geophytic Raphionacme, leaf succulent Hoya to stem succulent Cynanchum and, of course, the popular stapeliads (carrion flowers). ......

I'm always here for a chat but please post questions to the forum, I really don't have enough time to respond to every email personally (although I really will try but some days are just a little to hectic).

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