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Crassula brevifolia subsp brevifolia Harv.  (aka C.flavovirens - Pillans, C. pearsonii - Schönland) crassulaceae
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Crassula brevifolia ssp brevifolia photographed in habitat near NuwerusLocality: Nuwerus

Distribution:  Found on granite or quartzite areas, plants grow between boulders or in crevices.  C. brevifolia is found in exposed areas but it prefers mountainous areas.  The plants are distributed from Southern Namibia to the Northern parts of the Cedarberg.  This spp occurs in a winter rainfall area.

Description:  The plants are variable which can be seen by comparing specimens from the northern most part of its distribution area to specimens from its southern most area.  The plants are up to one and a half meters in height.  The fleshy ovate decidious basal leaves are green to deep red in color, they appear triangular in cross-section.  In ssp brevifolia the internodes are visible between the leaves and are 15mm - 50mm in length.  The stems are woody with old leaves and flaking bark.

Flower:  The flowers appear in March to July.  Flowers appear in clusters and are yellowish-green to pink with yellow and black anthers.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.  Sow seeds in autumn.  Plants root easily from cuttings, place cuttings in clean river sand, mist every three to four days, roots should appear with 2-3 weeks.

Cultivation:  Full sun, protect against frost, water every two weeks from autumn to spring (careful watering required in winter).  Plants grow well in a well-drained mineral soil.  Feed plants every second or third watering.

Photographer:  Etwin Aslander.


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