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Crassula expansa Dryand
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crass_expansa.JPG (32593 bytes)Locality: Kleinzee

Found in sandy soil, often near the ocean, throughout nouthern and tropical africa.

Description:  A dwarf perennial.  Leaves appear on jointed stems that can reach up to 40 cm in length.   Leaves vary from pale green to reddish (some specimens have a distinct red marking on the upper surface of the leaf), leaves are succulent, narrow and boat shaped (0.6-2cm long and 0.2-0.4cm wide).

Flower:  Flowers appear mostly in summer, they are usually solitary and appear on the end branchlets, flowers are white to reddish in colour.

Common Names:   Strepies Crassula (Afrikaans Name)- Striped Crassula.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.  Sow seeds in autumn.  Plants root easily from cuttings, place cuttings in clean river sand, mist every three to four days, roots should appear with 2-3 weeks.

Cultivation:  Full sun, protect against frost, water every two weeks from autumn to spring (careful watering required in winter).  Plants grow well in a well-drained mineral soil.  Feed plants every second or third watering.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander


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