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Crassula grisea (Crassula bakeri - Schönland) Section Arta Schönland
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Crassula griseaLocality: Kleinzee area

Distribution:  Found from the Kourkans Mountains in Namaqualand to Witputz in Namibia

Description: A small erect plant that seldom reaches more than 15cm in height, the sharply acute leaves can vary in colour from green to brown, leaves are subdistant and at right-angles to the stem, internodes visible, leaves are linear-lanceolate, 2-8cm in length and 0.8 mm wide, leaves are glabrous.

Flower:  Inflorescence usually round topped, peduncle up to 150mm long, the tubular flowers are 3mm in length, broad terminal red stigmas are present.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

Cultivation:  Full sun or light shade, little water & food every now and then, the plant featured here is growing in an upturned cement brick.  I give it water in summer and winter, no fixed regime.

Photographer: Max H. Michael


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