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Crassula muscosa subgenus Disporocarpa Section Glomeratae
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crassula_muscosa.jpg (26167 bytes)Locality: Photograph taken at Eierpoort Nature Reserve

Distribution:  Southern Namibia, Namaqualand Northern Cape, Karoo.
Description: These shrubs are 100-400 mm tall.  The greyish-green slender stems are erect or decumbent and heavily covered with four ranks of scaly, triangular leaves.

Flower:  The flowers are tubular and appear in terminal cymes, no peduncle.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.

Cultivation:  Full sun or light shade, little water & food every now and then, the plant featured here is growing in an upturned cement brick.  I give it water in summer and winter, no fixed regime.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander


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