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Crassula rupestris subgen. Crassula section Perfilatae
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Locality: Photographed at the Piekenierskloof Pass.

Central Western Cape.

Description:  This plant is not as compact as the previous plant, this illustrates just how variable this plant is.  The stems are erect or decumbent.  The spreading shrubs are up to 500 mm high.  The leaves are green to brownish-red to purplish with a red or yellow margin.  The leaf base is fused into a succulent disc.

Flower:  A spike-like inflorescence appears in autumn.  1-3 pairs of bracts without axillary flowers are present, petals have prominent terminal dorsal appendages.

Propagation:  Seeds and cuttings.  Sow seeds in autumn.  Plants root easily from cuttings, place cuttings in clean river sand, mist every three to four days, roots should appear with 2-3 weeks.

Cultivation:  Full sun, protect against frost, water every two weeks from autumn to spring (careful watering required in winter).  Plants grow well in a well-drained mineral soil.  Feed plants every second or third watering.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander


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