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Aloe comptonii

Aloe comptonii was named after the second director of the National botanical gardens of South Africa, Professor R.H. Compton.

Common Names: -
Status: Aloe comptonii is not threatened.
Distribution: Aloe comptonii has a large ditribution area, from Montague in the Western Cape to Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.
Description of Aloe comptonii:
Stem: Plants are usually stemless but they may develop stems up to 1 meter long in old specimens.
Leaves: Leaves have a dull-bluish colour and are up to 300mm in length, leaves are narrow and triangular in shape, small sharp white teeth are present on leaf-margins.
Flower: Description
Inflorescence: Inflorescence may be single or twice branched, racemes are short and head shped with many flowers.
Flower: Flowers are red in colour, thin in shape and pendulous.
Flowering Time: Aloe comptonii flowers from August to January.
Cultivation of :
Light: Full sun
Watering: Careful watering required.
Frost Protection: Aloe comptonii struuggles in colder climes therefore frost protection is required.

Picture: Aloe comptonii

Aloe comptonii in cultivation

Photographer:  Eurica Teichman of Aloe Seed Source

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