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Tree Aloes

Aloes that have been put into the Tree aloe section have a distinctive tree shape which is uncommon in the Aloe genus as most Aloes do not have a trunk with side branches. Leaves on tree aloes form rosettes and the dead leaves are not peristent.

Tree aloes have three distinctive geographic distribution areas in southern Africa. Aloe pillansii, Aloe dichotoma and Aloe ramossima are found in the northwestern part of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. A. plicatilis is found in the south-western Cape and Aloe barberae is found in the sub-tropical eastern and south-eastern parts of South Africa extending into Mocambique.



Species in the Tree Aloe group:

  • Aloe barberae aka Aloe bainesii - Aloe bainesii has been renamed to Aloe barberae after Mary Elizabeth Berber, one of the pioneer plant collectors of South Africa.
  • Aloe dichotoma - Perhaps the most well known of all aloes is Aloe dichotoma or the Quiver tree.
  • Aloe pillansii - Named after Neville S. Pillans a well know Cape Botanist, Aloe pillansii is one of the most spectacular tree aloes in South Africa.
  • Aloe plicatilis - This Aloes name, "plicatilis", means fan-like or pleated.
  • Aloe ramosissima - "ramosissima", means highly branched. Aloe ramosissimai is also known as the "Meisies Kokerboom" or "Maidens Quiver Tree" when translated.


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